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Convenient Instruction In Your Home

Music Lessons In  Your House  - The Card Game 

Object:  Get rid off all your cards to win the game.  Do this by placing all of your cards on the board in this order: ABCDEFG. The last card you get rid of can be placed on the board or placed in throw away deck to win the game. 

1Deal 7 cards to each player. 

2. Turn the top card over from the deck to start a throw away deck 

3. Player one will pick up from the deck. If player one has a letter "A" it can be placed on the board. Only one letter "A" can be placed down, followed by letter "B" and so forth until a card can’t be played. At this point, player one will place a card face up in the throw away deck. 

4. Player two will pick up one card from the deck and  will continue the sequence of letters where player one left off. If letter "B" was the last card placed on the board by  player one,  player two can place a letter "C" on the board and continue to "D" and so forth until a card can’t be played. The turn ends by throwing away a card to the throw away deck. 

5. If the order ABCDEFG has been completed and there are still cards left in the players hands, start from "A" again and continue through the sequence until a player wins. 

6. If the deck runs out, turn over the throw away deck to form a new deck. Turn the top card over from the deck to start the throw away deck. 

Letter Memorization Card Game